Monday, 2 June 2008

GIS: The Business Benefits

This week I plan to attend GIS: The Business Benefits at the BCS on Thursday:
In recent years there has been increasing pressure to improve business efficiencies, competitive advantage and resource utilisation. Whilst GIS technology is now mature the business aspects are paradoxically much less well developed. There are very few examples of the true business value of GIS projects, and no standardised methodology for estimating the value or return on investment of using GIS within organisations.
As ever, I plan to write up the talk in my web development blog, since I managed to write up all three things I went to last week already the chances of it appearing on time seem to be good :)
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robertc said...

Well, it was far more business benefits and a lot less GIS than I'd really expected. Also it turns out that a lot of the 'free tools' he promised we could 'just download and use' turned out to be under a far more restrictive license than that. So I probably won't be writing a review as, while some of it was useful, none of it was linked to web development.